Tips for Choosing Packaging Eqpt

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For the first-time buyer, choosing the right packaging eqpt can be daunting. Each manufacturer has its own brand of technology, and comparable machines can vary in price. Buyers can use these tips to make an informed purchase decision on packaging equipment.

Keep Things Simple

In many cases, reliability and complexity are at odds, but buyers can mitigate this issue by asking the manufacturer for their design strategy and looking inside the control cabinet. Buyers should compare appearances and component numbers on machines from different suppliers and aim for simplicity above all else.

Be Open to Suggestions

Some customers go to manufacturers with very specific requirements, but it’s best to look for alternatives. A different length, width, or type of product may run more efficiently than the one the buyer suggests, but that doesn’t mean the original plans are always disregarded. Buyers should expect to provide product samples and work with the equipment manufacturer on necessary engineering improvements.

Make the Machine’s Design Work With High-Volume Packaging

Some first-time buyers select packaging machines that are large enough to package all their products from the largest to the smallest. While this may make sense on the surface, it can lead to additional expenses as machines must be tooled to handle various pack patterns. It’s best to size machines to the highest-volume packaging the buyer uses and add machines as needs dictate.

Work With Manufacturers That Understand the Application

Making machines that run efficiently for years is equal parts art and science, and buyers should work with equipment manufacturers that have a history of designing similar applications. When buyers choose manufacturers that have worked on similar equipment in the past, they’re more likely to get the desired results.

Aim for Toolless Changeovers

When companies can run a variety of case, can, and bottle sizes on a single piece of machinery, they have more flexibility. The fastest way to change a machine’s pack patterns is to have the user switch between grids without using tools. This is referred to as toolless changeover and increases the organization’s effectiveness and speed.

Every application has unique factors, but commonalities exist as well. Customers can use these tips to guide their purchasing decisions and get the right packaging equipment for their needs.

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